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Got Nematodes?

Do your plants look like they are suffering a bit? Are you noticing some spotting and dry-looking foliage? You might have nematodes.

Some examples of Nematode damage to the foliage:

When you notice this damage, it is likely from Nematodes. You can confirm this by pulling a plant up and examining the roots. Nematodes cause roots to become gnarly & knotted.

To treat nematodes, you will want to use a product from Monterey Lawn & Garden called Nematode Control. This product you can use in both the spring & fall and you would treat your garden once a week for ten consecutive weeks. You would mix at a ratio of half a cup to three gallons of water.

Product Information:

OMRI Listed For Organic Gardening

Use: For control of plant parasitic nematodes in home gardens and lawns. Monterey Nematode Control is a concentrate that is easily mixed with water and applied as a drench by pouring, or with band or broadcast type sprayers.

Directions: After mixing with water, apply solution within three hours of mixing. Irrigate area to be treated before application. After application has been made it may be necessary to water with either drip or above ground sprinklers.

Do not over irrigate following application of this product. Over-irrigation will move the desired concentration of the product too quickly past the targeted root zone.

If applied in heavy rainfall areas, avoid application during rain or when rain is forecasted within the next 24 hours that may exceed movement of this product past targeted root zone.

Always read the entire label before use.


If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to give us a call!

We are open daily from 9:00am to 4:00pm & our phone number is (209) 527-5553

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