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Bulk Soils and Mulch

Be sure to call ahead and check availability to make sure we have enough of what you need.


Forest Humus

$69.99 per Cubic Yard
 per Half Cubic Yard

Forest humus is a decomposed organic matter that can be found in the topsoil layer of a forest floor. Humus is rich  can help improve soil health and can also help retain water and nutrients, create stable soil, and affect soil bulk density. 

Best when used as top dressing in layers 1.5-2" as a mulch to help retain water especially in hot weather. Avoid covering the base of plants as to not suffocate them. 



$49.99 per Cubic Yard
 per Half Cubic Yard

Comprised of Chicken / Cow manure, Straw, Woodchips, our compost is a great ammendment for your vegetable or flower bed. Compost enriches soil with essential nutrients and improves its structure, aiding in better water retention and root development. It also enhances microbial activity.


Small / Medium Bark

$79.99 per Cubic Yard
 per Half Cubic Yard

Using bark as a top dressing in gardens and landscapes helps retain moisture, suppress weeds, and regulate soil temperature, which reduces watering needs and protects plant roots. It also improves soil structure over time, prevents erosion, and enhances aesthetic appeal.


Potting Soil

$159.99 per Cubic Yard
 per Half Cubic Yard

Our bulk potting soil is comprised of Humus, Sand, Iron, and Slow Release fertilizer. Useful for potting plants in outdoor pots or containers. 

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