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Photo of our landscape designer, Jadwiga


Horticulturist and staff Landscape Designer and Consultant since 1998, Jadwiga Hoffmann (pronounced Yad-Vee-Guh) has been working in landscape designs at Morris Nursery for  over 18 years, during which she has enjoyed her collaboration with her clients.  


She has noticed there is a prevailing trend in residential landscapes which include lawn reduction and increasing outdoor living spaces.


Jadwiga is available for on-site consultations with large landscape designs as well as in house designs on a smaller scale.

Call us today to schedule your appointment with Jadwiga, Wednesdays and Fridays 9 am - 


While Jadwiga may not always be available to assist you, we do have a number of staff members who may be able to guide you in the right direction. Whether you are meeting with Jadwiga directly or stopping in for general landscape guidance, you can prepare for your visit by following these steps. 

Coming prepared for your initial landscape consultation is vital to ensure you get the most out of your visit. You will want to prepare by thinking about the following:


  1. What is the current state of your yard?

  2. What do you envision your yard to look like?

  3. How would you like your space to function?

  4. What are your maintenance expectations and what are your current irrigation practices?

  5. What is your budget?

  6. Do you have any preferred plants or colors you want to be included?

  7. Are there any HOA restrictions to be concerned with?


We also recommend that you do the following:


  1. Take photos of gardens you admire or any plants you find interesting

  2. Bring in any photos you may have found online or in books that you prefer

  3. Bring in photos of your yard including any hardscapes or eyesores you may want hidden

  4. Observe the light conditions of your yard (full sun all day, full shade, morning sun/afternoon shade, morning shade, afternoon sun) and take note of orientation (north, south, east, west)

  5. Take note of soil type and quality (sand, clay, etc.)

  6. Measure the area including perimeters

We look forward to helping you create your dream landscape!

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