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Color Pots with Holly

Learn about how to make a great color pot using thrillers, fillers, and spillers!

Typically you'll want thrillers, fillers, and spillers in your color pots. This time, however, due to the pot size Holly has chosen to use three typically "thriller" plants as both the thrillers and the spillers.

Here she used a 4" Dahlia, a 4" African Daisy, & a 4" Euphorbia

For the spillers, Holly chose a 4" Bacopa, 4" Calibrachoa, and a jumbo 6-pack of Alyssum

Products used: Master's Pride Potting Soil & Osmocote Plus - Bonus photo of Holly & her helper, Freddie!

The finished product!

As you can see, making a color pot is simple! Choose some good tall, medium, and trailing plants and throw 'em in a pot with the right products and you're set to go. Always remember to water your pots well after planting!

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