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Standard Varieties | 59¢ per square foot

Bolero – 100% Dwarf Fescue. Very heat and wear tolerant. Deep green color.

Bolero Plus – Dwarf Fescue with 5% Bluegrass assures a thicker, more uniform growth *popular*

Bluegrass – 100% bluegrass, Dark blue-green color and soft texture

Premium 90/10 – 90% tall fescue and 10% bluegrass. Our toughest for high traffic areas *popular*

Premium Blue Rye – Lower mowing height and better disease resistance than pure bluegrass.


Premium Varieties | 69¢ per square foot

Special Shade Blend – Will excel in areas with up to 40% shade. Excellent wear tolerance.

Tifway hybrid Bermuda – Great for athletic fields in full sun. Tolerates mowing as short as ½”

Celebration or Princess Bermuda – These are improved seeded varieties


Specialty Blends

Mow Free – 79¢ per square foot – Will tolerate up to 50% shade. Can be mowed or left for a meadow like appearance.

Native Mow Free, Native Bentgrass, Biofiltration Sod, Native Heartland Sod, Native Preservation Mix, Delta Grassland Mix - $2.10 per square foot



Delivery Information:

No Delivery for less than 500 square feet

$85.00 delivery fee for 500 to 999 square feet

Free delivery for over 1000 square feet


Additional Information:

250 square foot minimum to ship | Smaller orders must be added to another order to ship

All rolls are 2 x 5 feet = 10 square feet | Weight is approximately 40lbs each

All blends available on biodegradable netting

Sod prices may be higher outside our county



All Sod needs to be ordered two days prior to delivery.

We cannot set time of the day for delivery. Customer will receive a courtesy call with an approximate delivery time the day prior to scheduled delivery.

Installation is available:

2,000 square feet or less = $320 Flat Rate

Over 2,000 square feet = 17 cents per square foot

Click here for some answers to FAQs directly from Delta Blue Grass

Morris Nursery Sod Information PDF

Delta Blue Grass Informational Flyer

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4 lbs per 250 sq.ft.

Sod Knife